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Silver & Gold awards at Malvern – 11th July 2016

Today I was invited over to Malvern & District Dog Training Club to examine

Silver and Gold awards.  These are the dogs that passed – well done to everyone!

Ellie, Max & Dylan

Ellie, Max & Dylan


Training schedule updated

I’ve updated my training schedule to show the new classes, additional training and the GVDTC in-house instructor course I am running with Anne Weston.

Achieved Kennel Club GCDS Silver Examiner

On Friday I travelled to Hockley, near Southend, Essex as the following day I was assessed by the Kennel Club as a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award Examiner.  It was a long way to go but thankfully worth the effort as I’m really chuffed to say that I passed.  I’m now an  ‘A’ listed GCDS Silver Examiner.  Next I’ll be going for Gold!


Training schedule updated for Bronze/Silver awards

I’ve updated my training schedule to reflect the extra lessons we’ll be doing in the run-up to the next Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards in September. There will also be mock tests which I have provisionally arranged for 4th September.

Sparkling Silver

What an excellent day! My young cocker Phoebe passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Award yesterday.  She was the youngest dog there at only just 1 year old with the other dogs all considerably older at 2, 3 and 5 years.  Of the 6 dogs that took part only 3 passed so it was a tremendous achievement for her.  As always she was very focused, keen to work but importantly enjoyed herself – well done Pheebs!

Phoebe getting ready for her KC Good Citizens Silver

I hope to put Phoebe in for her Kennel Club Good Citizens silver award test in a couple of weeks. We’ve got a practice session booked for next week after which I’ll make the decision to go for silver. She’s still very young for this but (most of the time) she can do the majority of the exercises/tests.

We’re training hard so, fingers crossed, we’re hopeful…