Rosa We carried out all your instructions, and Rosa has come on marvellously, she will now not run away when outside, I think she has decided she would definitely like to live with us and does not want to risk losing us!!!!
We are so thrilled with her she is a lovely dog and it is such a joy to see her and Stella play. Stella forgot how to play when our yellow lab died, but they are such good friends. Rosa has calmed Stella down and she is not such an anxious dog now, which is great to see.
Thank you for all your help. Fred & Anne
Jasper, Ruby, Lulu, Fletcher, Rufus & Bo Absolutely fantastic. I’ve got six springer spaniels and she has given me loads of advice… And it worked!! Still amazed by the results and avidly attend her obedience classes. Natasha
John A consummate professional who’s love of dogs is reflected in all she does. A natural who deliverers results!
Lottie & Teddy We made a bit of a mistake when we got our second dog Teddy, we never really gave him the chance to experience the big wide world on his own without our first dog Lottie. As a consequence, he was a bit nervous and lacking courage. After speaking with Belinda and taking her excellent advice we have been working on building Ted’s confidence up; walking him on his own, taking him to a class for socialisation with other dogs and training him separately. Both dogs are enjoying the occasional one-to-one session. Belinda’s help and positive suggestions are really paying off, I can’t praise her enough.The whistle training has been a godsend and both dogs react to it every time. It is great, especially if one gets on a scent and is off, I give the recall whistle and they turn round and come straight back. I haven’t had any problems with Teddy growling at other dogs since working with all the advice Belinda gave me, I’m so grateful to her. I feel I have managed to nip it in the bud before his issues escalated.Thanks again Belinda for your invaluable advice. Sandy
Rocky As first time dog owners the advice you gave us before we got Rocky saved us a lot of heartache and helped us to prepare – both mentally and the house – for our new puppy. Thanks for all your help we’d have been stumped without you. Sarah & Alyn
Dexter Bee – thank you very much for advising how to go about training [Dexter], my Cocker Spaniel the recall to whistle training. This has come in extremely useful when walking & we have both enjoyed the training. Further, I must thank you for your continued support in answering any questions during the training period. I would not hesitate to recommend your training to anybody. Juliet
Merlin Hi Bee, we thought it was about time to put something in writing to you, to thank you for all your advice and continued support. After our discussions we regained the confidence to own another dog.  Thankfully, after putting into practice all that you have taught us as a family, Merlin displays none of the bad traits of our previous dog.  He is a pleasure to own and we especially love being able to walk him off lead. Your whistle recall training was easy to understand, to do and has proved invaluable. We are looking forward to your agility training in the New Year.x The Smith Family
Rocky We’re just dropping a quick line to say thanks yet again for all your help. The advice you gave us means that Rocky has now stopped the mouthing and we have started the training plan you left with us. We’re already seeing great results and we are now able to walk Rocky on a loose lead… you achieved more in 30 minutes with Rocky than we had in 6 weeks! We’ll keep in touch and let you know how things go. Thanks again. Sarah & Alyn