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Bronze and Silver GCDS Success

Tracey Prall at Canine Connections invited me to examine Bronze and Silver awards today for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  It was a glorious autumn day in the Welsh Marches and I’m delighted to say that Tina and Clifford passed their Bronze and Sally and Molly passed their Silver.  Well done to all!

Tina & Clifford with their Bronze award

Sally & Molly with their Silver award


Canine Connections Bronze, Silver & Gold Successes

Today as I was asked to examine GCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for Tracey Prall at Canine Connections.  What a lovely group of dogs and amazingly it was a 100% pass rate.  Well done to everyone.  Glorious weather, beautiful Herefordshire countryside and well-behaved dogs… what’s not to love!

Grace, Molly and Kilo with their Bronze awards

JD and Flossie with their Silver awards and Dylan with his Gold award

Bronze and Silver awards at Govilon

I was invited by Tracey Prall at Canine Connections to examine GCDS Bronze and Silver awards this evening at Govilon near Abergavenny.  There was 100% pass rate – well done to everyone!

Ronnie and Malaika with their Silver awards

Gem, Smudge, Daisy and Myrtle with their Bronze awards

Silver and Gold awards at Dymock

I was invited to examine GCDS Silver and Gold awards today at Dymock in the Forest of Dean.  They were a real mix of breeds and all with super temperaments; two Silver and two Gold passes today.  Well done to everyone!

Bronze and Silver award passes

I was over at Walford near Ross-on-Wye today examining Bronze and Silver awards for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  These are the dogs that passed.  Well done to everyone for your hard work!

Diva with her Bronze award

Flint and Jaz with their Silver awards

GCDS examining at Govilon, Abergavenny – 25th January 2017

Today I was invited by Canine Connections to examine a Bronze and Silver award for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme at Govilon near Abergavenny.  Such a fab group of dogs and handlers – here are photos of those who passed.  Congratulations everyone!


Otis and Ronnie with their Bronze awards


Primrose, Stan, Merry and Duke with their Silver awards


Silver & Gold awards at Malvern – 11th July 2016

Today I was invited over to Malvern & District Dog Training Club to examine

Silver and Gold awards.  These are the dogs that passed – well done to everyone!

Ellie, Max & Dylan

Ellie, Max & Dylan

GCDS Silver Awards

I was examining more KC GCDS Silver Awards this week at Walford near Ross-on-Wye.  Three dogs passed – well done to everyone.

Meg, Merry and Harry with their Silver awards

Meg, Merry and Harry with their Silver awards


GCDS Silver Awards

Still very busy examining and this week it was the KC GCDS Silver Award at Walford near Ross-on-Wye.  Two dogs passed and had very proud and pleased owners!

Pi and Bailey with their Silver award certificates and rosettes

Pi and Bailey with their Silver awards

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Examinations

I’m doing quite a few Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme examinations over the next few weeks.  It’s good to be testing across all the awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These are the dogs and handlers that I passed this week in the Ross area. Well done to everyone!

GCDS Bronze award

Flint and Merry

GCDS Bronze award

Jasper, Blake and Sydney

GCDS Silver Award Success!

Well done to members of my GVDTC Thursday Obedience class who took their GCDS Silver award today.  The weather was very wet but I’m delighted to say that nine dogs passed!  Congratulations to Natasha Harrison & Rufus, Kathy Williams & Barney Rubble, Bill Harman & Maddie, Tina Smith with Judy & Hermione, Jenny Shore & Jumble, Gail Clark & Gem, Carol Lloyd & Sox and Heather Suff & Ben.  Special thanks to the examiner, Anne Weston.  Here’s a photo of the group.

20141009-KCGCDS Silver-group shot

KCGCDS Silver Award – October 2014

Training schedule updated

I’ve updated my training schedule to show the new classes, additional training and the GVDTC in-house instructor course I am running with Anne Weston.

Achieved Kennel Club GCDS Silver Examiner

On Friday I travelled to Hockley, near Southend, Essex as the following day I was assessed by the Kennel Club as a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award Examiner.  It was a long way to go but thankfully worth the effort as I’m really chuffed to say that I passed.  I’m now an  ‘A’ listed GCDS Silver Examiner.  Next I’ll be going for Gold!


Training schedule updated for Bronze/Silver awards

I’ve updated my training schedule to reflect the extra lessons we’ll be doing in the run-up to the next Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards in September. There will also be mock tests which I have provisionally arranged for 4th September.

Obedience trainer post at GVDTC

I’m really pleased that I’ve been asked to take on the 6-months+ dog training obedience classes at the Golden Valley Dog Training Club.  The club have a great team of experienced trainers and I’m delighted to be joining them.  GVDTC is associated with the Kennel Club and I will be training at all levels.

I train beginner upwards and, for those that want to, I will work towards the Good Citizens Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.  I’ll be running two classes on a Thursday at 1.30 pm and 6.30 pm so do come along and join in.