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More nose action!

Phoebe’s nose has been working big time today!  She passed her Scentwork Level 6 at Scentwork Wales.  It’s fabulous to watch her sniffing – I enjoy it and most importantly so does Phoebe.


Phoebe Scentwork Level 4 Success

Phoebe passed her Scentwork Level 4 today with  Scentwork Wales.  What a little star she is – she does love sniffing!

The test included blind searches for two different scents – clove and catnip.  She had two outdoor perimeter searches to find.  Then there was an outdoor container search which included lots of toys strewn around, including her favourite tennis balls!  The final search was a dual scent outdoor search of vehicles; a 4×4 and a horse trailer.  After finding one scent, Pheebs had then to leave it and move on to find the other scent.

All the searches were time critical but even though it was a hot day she still came up trumps.  I’m very proud of her.

More sniffing with Phoebe…

Today Phoebe passed her Scentwork Level 2 with Scentwork Wales.  She’s loving it and gaining in confidence with her scenting ability.  The test was in two parts and included a furniture search and a perimeter search.  Each search had to be completed in under three minutes and of course you only get one attempt.

Well done Pheebs!

Laughing so much!

Laughing so much!

Too busy telling Pheebs how well she did to notice the photo was being taken!

Too busy telling Pheebs how well she did to notice the photo was being taken!

Scent work training

For some time I’ve been training my dogs to carry out scent work searches around the house and garden. It’s a great way to allow them to use their natural sniffing instinct and also tires them out which is especially useful if the weather is wet and horrible. I’ve been wanting to take this to the next level so, on 27th July, Phoebe (one of my cocker spaniels) and I completed ‘Scent Work Level 1 Foundation’ with Pam McKinnon an ex-Customs & Excise drug detector dog handler who now runs Talking Dogs. It was a fun and interesting day and by the end of the course we carried out a ‘blind’ room search with Phoebe easily managing to lead me to the item on each occasion. Well done Pheebster! I’m now going to practice what I’ve learnt with both Phoebe and Toby (my other dog) and then I’ll move forward to Level 2.