Spaniel Gundog Training Day

On Sunday 1st March I was invited to take part in a Spaniel gundog training day with the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club.  The guest trainer was Martin Kilminster who is also a trainer with the Mid-Western Gundog Society.

I took one of my Cockers, Phoebe, who although a show strain is displaying an aptitude for gundog work.  It was an excellent day and Martin’s ‘quiet’ style of positive training went down well – especially with a group of raring to go Spaniels!

We were also introduced to using place boards which can help with building in steadiness in your dog’s training.  Place boards are an innovation from the US and Phoebe certainly picked up what to do very quickly.  Martin also demonstrated how they can be used to teach your dog to quarter – again Phoebe took to this straightaway.  Place boards are now at the top of my ‘wish list’!

A big thank you to the WSSC for inviting me – a really enjoyable day with great company and lovely to see lots of ‘Welshies’.


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