Second training session at Poston Mill

Well done today everyone.  I imagine all the dogs were tired when you got home as they had to concentrate and learn a range of new things today. There were some great results with each dog doing well on at least one activity. I was pleased to see that by the end of the session everyone had:

  • Got their dog to Wait while they walked on and called the dog to heel
  • Managed to get their dog doing a Figure-of-Eight through their legs
  • Managed to get their dog to Weave Walk through their legs
  • Got their dog to do some basic agility jumps both in a straight line and to the left
  • Got their dog to start Weaving through the poles

Remember to carry on and train the freestyle movements at home where there are no distractions. Keep your training to short but regular sessions so that your dog doesn’t get bored and always finish on a positive. If your dog finds a particular move difficult, then break it down into smaller pieces and gradually build it up to the full move. Keep doing this and you’ll soon see progress.

The next session is at 11.30am at Poston Mill on Tuesday 3rd June. Do bring along the Contact Marker I mentioned which is usually a small plastic lid.


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