Brilliant first training session at Poston Mill

After using Poston Mill as a winter venue, I was asked by the owners if I’d be willing to carry on with my own training sessions.  I decided to h0ld an obedience & freestyle class once a month to see what the take-up would be.  I’m pleased to say that my first class was a great success.

We concentrated on building some obedience work and incorporated some freestyle moves.  Jenny and Jumble were naturals at the freestyle and picked up the movements really quickly – a future candidate for Britain’s Got Talent, maybe?  Natasha did some fabulous loose-lead walking with Rufus.  He was totally focussed on her which is no mean feat for a spaniel in an open field!  Heather and Ben did a really steady wait and their recall was the best I’ve ever seen them do.

The immediate feedback was that everyone had fun and I was asked to increase to fortnightly classes so my training schedule now reflects the new timetable.  I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the session in a beautiful location.  Well done everyone!

A reminder: The next session will now take place at Poston Mill on Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 11:30am.



4 responses to “Brilliant first training session at Poston Mill

  1. Interesting post. I’ve learn’t that regarding training a little and often is best with Ellie who is a collie/samoyed cross. What do you think how much time should be spent training a dog, for obedience, etc.

    • Mudpile Wood: I would advise that little and often is the best method. Particularly when you first start training as you want to keep the sessions short, fun and finish on a positive note for both you and your dog. Always end the sessions while your dog is still wanting more – don’t wait until they are tired or bored. Once your dog is older and more used to training sessions, depending on the breed you may be able to extend the session and build up their endurance. This is especially useful if you are training for Heelwork to Music or Freestyle type exercises.

      • Great tips thank you. Ellie is a little beyond some of the basic stuff, she is training for search work at the moment and enjoys every second of it.

  2. Well done, Belinda. I knew you’d have a great time.