My first training session as a Canine Hydrotherapist

Exciting times… I’m in the process of training as a Canine Hydrotherapist.  Helping dogs and their owners get the best out of their relationship is something I am passionate about.  Hydrotherapy is an activity that compliments my training and behaviour work.  There are lots of good reasons to let your dog swim in the safety of a hydrotherapy pool.  These include; re-habilitation of injured dogs, helping veterans who are suffering with stiffness/arthritis to exercise safely, improving general fitness, as a tool to help with weight loss in obese dogs and helping dogs to release their energy in a safe and healthy way and avoid behavioural issues.  Hydrotherapy is also useful when socialising puppies over 12 weeks of age – they can learn to swim and feel confident around water in a safe and secure environment.

I had my first training swim with Phoebe my 13 month old cocker on 29/12/11.  She was rather surprised to see that I was actually getting in the pool with her but she loved it.  In fact, she was so chilled out that during the rest/massage session she dozed off!  It felt great to be in the water with her and we were both snug; me in my dry suit and Phoebe in the warm water.  Over the next few weeks I will be experiencing many other dogs and I’ll learn how to safely swim with them so they can get maximum benefit out of their hydrotherapy experience.  I’m also doing my Canine First Aid Course on 23/01/12.  I already have a First Aid qualification through my NOCN Certificate in Canine Training and Behaviour but to practice as a hydrotherapist I need to gain a Canine Hydrotherapy Association accredited pass.


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