Man-trailing in the Beacons

Beneath a snow-capped Pen-y-Fan today for an afternoon of man-trailing with Phoebe.  This is a fairly new activity for us but Phoebe has really taken to it and I enjoy it too.

Snow on top of Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du

…and we’re off!


More nose action!

Phoebe’s nose has been working big time today!  She passed her Scentwork Level 6 at Scentwork Wales.  It’s fabulous to watch her sniffing – I enjoy it and most importantly so does Phoebe.

Bronze and Silver GCDS Success

Tracey Prall at Canine Connections invited me to examine Bronze and Silver awards today for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  It was a glorious autumn day in the Welsh Marches and I’m delighted to say that Tina and Clifford passed their Bronze and Sally and Molly passed their Silver.  Well done to all!

Tina & Clifford with their Bronze award

Sally & Molly with their Silver award

More sniffing with Phoebe!

I’m feeling rather chuffed as my cocker Phoebe passed her Scent Work Level 5  with Scentwork Wales.  She worked so hard and is a little star!

Going for Gold!

This evening I was invited to examine a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold award at Walford near Ross-on-Wye.  What a fabulous group of dogs and handlers – a first for me that from a group of six dogs all of them passed.  A great result to have 100% pass rate for the Gold award.  Well done everyone!

Sandy, Heinz, Daisy, Pip, Bailey and Harry with their Gold awards

Man Trailing!

Today me and Pheebs did an introduction to man trailing course over at Brecon with Lisa from Mantrailing UK and Theresa Toomey of Scentwork Wales.   It was excellent fun and lovely to see all the dogs enjoying it and improving with each trail.  Guess who is now zonked out.

…and we’re off on our first man trail

Sniffed out and found in the barn

My turn to hide and be found

Great fun – when is the next session!








Canine Connections Bronze, Silver & Gold Successes

Today as I was asked to examine GCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for Tracey Prall at Canine Connections.  What a lovely group of dogs and amazingly it was a 100% pass rate.  Well done to everyone.  Glorious weather, beautiful Herefordshire countryside and well-behaved dogs… what’s not to love!

Grace, Molly and Kilo with their Bronze awards

JD and Flossie with their Silver awards and Dylan with his Gold award

Bronze and Silver awards at Govilon

I was invited by Tracey Prall at Canine Connections to examine GCDS Bronze and Silver awards this evening at Govilon near Abergavenny.  There was 100% pass rate – well done to everyone!

Ronnie and Malaika with their Silver awards

Gem, Smudge, Daisy and Myrtle with their Bronze awards

Silver and Gold awards at Dymock

I was invited to examine GCDS Silver and Gold awards today at Dymock in the Forest of Dean.  They were a real mix of breeds and all with super temperaments; two Silver and two Gold passes today.  Well done to everyone!

Bronze award success at Malvern

I was invited to examine GCDS Bronze awards over at Malvern & District Dog Training Club this evening.  The group did a very impressive ‘Stay’ for Bronze level dogs; outdoors and with plenty of distractions around the training ground.  Well done to everyone!  These are the dogs that passed.

Griff & Jessie with their Bronze awards


Phoebe Scentwork Level 4 Success

Phoebe passed her Scentwork Level 4 today with  Scentwork Wales.  What a little star she is – she does love sniffing!

The test included blind searches for two different scents – clove and catnip.  She had two outdoor perimeter searches to find.  Then there was an outdoor container search which included lots of toys strewn around, including her favourite tennis balls!  The final search was a dual scent outdoor search of vehicles; a 4×4 and a horse trailer.  After finding one scent, Pheebs had then to leave it and move on to find the other scent.

All the searches were time critical but even though it was a hot day she still came up trumps.  I’m very proud of her.

Examining Silver & Gold awards

I was invited over to Walford again today to examine GCDS Silver and Gold awards.  These are the dogs who passed – all Silver.  Well done to Sandy, Daisy and Heinz!

Sandy, Daisy & Heinz with their Silver awards






Bronze and Silver award passes

I was over at Walford near Ross-on-Wye today examining Bronze and Silver awards for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  These are the dogs that passed.  Well done to everyone for your hard work!

Diva with her Bronze award

Flint and Jaz with their Silver awards

GCDS examining at Govilon, Abergavenny – 25th January 2017

Today I was invited by Canine Connections to examine a Bronze and Silver award for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme at Govilon near Abergavenny.  Such a fab group of dogs and handlers – here are photos of those who passed.  Congratulations everyone!


Otis and Ronnie with their Bronze awards


Primrose, Stan, Merry and Duke with their Silver awards


First scentwork trial for Phoebe and me


Today Phoebe and me entered our first scentwork trial over at Brecon. We had three hides to find; an outside vehicle search, inside perimeter search and a container search. She worked really hard and found them all within time and received a Novice Clean Sweep rosette… feeling chuffed!

GCDS examining at the Forest of Dean – 26th November 2016

I’ve had a busy but enjoyable time today examining the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme over at the Forest of Dean. One Bronze, a Silver and a Gold award – well done to all those who passed, such a lovely mix of dogs.


Ellie and Bonnie with their Bronze awards


Ziggy with his Silver and Holly with her Gold award

Bronze award examining – 22nd November 2016

I was invited to Walford near Ross-on-Wye yesterday to examine a super group of dogs for their Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award.  I’m pleased to say that everyone passed – well done!

Sandy, Dolly and Jaz

Sandy, Dolly and Jaz

Phoebe Achieves Scent Work Level 3

This evening Phoebe passed her Scent Work Level 3 with Scentwork Wales.  All the searches took place outside and it was a windy evening.  There were three searches that she had to find and the time limit for each one was three minutes.

The first search was a mixed article search which included boxes, handbags, shoes, boots, plant pots, drainpipe etc.  The second search was a vehicle search of a Land Rover.  The third and final search was a perimeter search of the farm yard.

It was fabulous watching her and seeing how her confidence has grown.  She was so focussed and found the scent source quickly with clear indications.

Well done Phoebe – you little star!


Phoebe sporting her rosette

Toby retires from his Pets As Therapy role

This week Toby retired from his role with Pets As Therapy.  He’s been a registered PAT dog for over eight years and in that time he’s visited nursing homes, hospitals and more recently been a Read2Dog at a local village school. Sometimes the visits have been heart-breaking, sometimes fun but they’ve always been rewarding and he’s made a lot of people smile.  Importantly, Toby has enjoyed meeting people but he’s now ready for a well-earned rest.  The school Head made some lovely comments:    “…We have been so privileged to have time with you and Toby and the children have loved the unique opportunity….we’d love to be kept in touch as it has been such a valuable experience for the children!”


Toby enjoying his retirement

More sniffing with Phoebe…

Today Phoebe passed her Scentwork Level 2 with Scentwork Wales.  She’s loving it and gaining in confidence with her scenting ability.  The test was in two parts and included a furniture search and a perimeter search.  Each search had to be completed in under three minutes and of course you only get one attempt.

Well done Pheebs!

Laughing so much!

Laughing so much!

Too busy telling Pheebs how well she did to notice the photo was being taken!

Too busy telling Pheebs how well she did to notice the photo was being taken!